Wadihuda Institute of Research and Advanced Studies

Founded in 2010, the Wadihuda Institute of Research and Advanced Studies (WIRAS) is affiliated to Kannur University and recognised by the Govt. of Kerala. It is a premier institute of the Ta'aleemul Islam Trust. The 11 acre campus provides a serene atmosphere conducive to academic, intellectual and physical pursuits.


To be a centre of excellence nurturing leaders to develop an ideal society.


  • To focus on building a caring and inclusive culture through sensitizing the student populace.
  • To invest in inculcating human, social and ethical values by promoting reflective practices.
  • To strive for a progressive, just and egalitarian social order by ensuring equal opportunity to all.
  • To encourage global perspectives on tolerance and understanding for the prevalence of universal brotherhood.
  • To manifest as a learning organization through continuous research and adoption of best practices.

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