World Mental Health Day, Psychology association inauguration.

Vilyakod: On behalf of World Mental Health Awarness day, variety of events were organised by the teachers and students of WIRAS college. The prime aim was to educate common people about the importance of Mental Health in day to day life. Street play and orientation program were put up in pilathara bus stand. By 09:45am the event was innagurated in WIRAS college and a student psychology group was raised up and acknowledged about the student research program.The main aim of bringing up student psychology group is to support and encourage their research skills. Well reputed researcher N M Hussain innagurated and the council name was published and the prize distrubution was held. Afterwards in his talk he made things clear about how a student can be a researcher. Reputed psycologist his honor Abdul latheef in his speech mentioned the importance of mental health awarness in this new era. By 01:50pm the students of psychology department performed street play in Pilathara bus stand and acknowledged the common people about the importance of mental health in their life.

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