Ta'aleemul Islam Trust, Kerala

Ta’aleemul Islam Trust, Wadihuda, Payangadi was established in 1980 with the noble aim of promoting the cause of high quality education and expanding social services. Since then, it has been undertaking charitable and educational activites all around the state . The dream unfurled when a boarding school was started with handful of students in 1980, in a rented residential building.

Now, TIT Group of institution is an educational complex in the region providing education on a developmental approch to students on solid ground of values and culture. Our endeavours are towards disciplined growth of our students, to be the leaders of tomorrow. What make our institution unique is a beautifully blended syllabus, which integrates both formal education along with moral studies,with the aim of providing a high degree of intellectual excellence and imparting moral values in our students.

After its commencement in 1980 it soon grew up as one of the best preferred educational institution in the region imparting high quality education. Disciplined atmosphere and moral values are successfully instilled into students.

Nestled at madayi is renowned for its serene beauty of nature. One of the first eleven mosques in kerala eastiblished by Malik Bin deenar is also situated at madayi. Asia’s biggest naval academy (Ezhimala) is very near to the Campus. The Campus is easily accessible to both railway station and bus stand.

Apart from imparting education in various way, the Trust also emphasises on charitable activities. Many students in the CBSE stream and State Govt. stream are studying here without paying any fee.It also renders a helping hand to the needy providing basic necessities.one unique feature of TIT Group is that it engages in social welfare activities. It has launched a grand drinking water project to the natives of slum area near the campus.Around one hundred poor family get benefited from the project. In addition to it, financial and human resource aids are also given to the needy by the Trust.

Ta’aleemul Islam Trust stands ahead in the field of education socio-cultural activities and services. Our dreams are yet to bear fruits in many fields. To fulfil all these we do need the support and encouragement from all our well wishers. We hope the very name WADIHUDA will be inscribed in golden letters in the history.

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